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Pay-Per-Lead Dental Marketing


Why should I do Pay-Per-Lead marketing?
There’s no risk! You only pay when verified new patient leads are generated for your dental practice. In addition, LeadFire’s Pay-Per-Lead Marketing Program will expand your dental practice’s overall internet presence.
What is a new patient lead?
A lead is someone who is not a current patient who contacts your practice to schedule an appointment or ask a question about your services. You are only charged for verified leads. You are not charged for calls from current patients, vendors, personal calls, hang-ups, or messages without adequate contact information. All incoming appointment requests (both emails and phone calls) are tracked and recorded for your own personal quality review to determine how well your team is performing at converting new patient calls and emails to patients in your dental chair.
How will LeadFire find these leads for me?
LeadFire uses a variety of internet technologies to attract new patients to your dental practice. We will feature your expertise on our national and local dental directories, web marketing portals customized for you and your practice and on multiple mobile websites matched up to your web marketing portals.
How much of my time will this program take?
Setting up the program only takes about 20 minutes. You just need to review your clinical capabilities, marketing profile, and contact information for your practice. Once you’ve set it up, the program will keep working for you automatically.
What does it cost? How does the cost compare to similar programs?
The cost of Pay-Per-Lead marketing with LeadFire is about half that of similar programs. In fact, lead costs can go as low as $68 per lead. Would that be good for you? You can estimate your own ROI (return on investment) on the program with LeadFire’s Pay Per Lead profit estimator.
New Dental Patient Leads


How will I know when a lead comes in?
Phone leads go directly to your practice’s phone line. By default, you will be contacted by both email and fax for email leads. In your control panel, you can set your notification preferences for how you would like to be informed of new leads: by email, fax, phone or text message. This is important, because the most critical part of improving conversion is speedy follow-up by your team.
How do you verify leads?
You are only charged for verified leads. LeadFire’s automatic lead review process screens out calls from current patients, vendors, personal calls, hang-ups, etc. Telephone or email messages without adequate contact information are not included. A member of our team reviews each remaining phone and email lead to verify that it meets the standard.
What if I disagree with your assessment of a lead?
If you don’t agree the lead in question is valid, you can challenge the lead. We’ll double-check it. If you’re right, we’ll automatically credit your account. If there are further concerns, we’ll schedule a resolution conference call so we can listen to the lead together.
Will I be charged for leads from my current patients?
No. When patients call, the phone menu system asks if they are a new or current patient. You are not charged for current patient calls, vendor calls, wrong numbers, personal calls, hang-ups, or anything that is not a new patient lead.
Are all leads going to turn into patients?
No dental practice has a 100% conversion rate. We have found that well-trained teams can generate conversion rates of 80% or more. Your conversion rate will primarily depend on how well your team is trained. Even minimal training can improve almost any team’s lead conversion performance. You can estimate your own ROI (return on investment) on the program with LeadFire’s Pay Per Lead profit estimator.
How can I improve my team's lead conversion performance?
All incoming appointment requests are recorded so you can conduct your own personal quality review to determine how well your team is converting leads to patients scheduled in your dental chair. In addition, we will give you and your team extensive training programs on converting more leads and dramatically improving patient acceptance. With the right tools and training, you can turn your front desk into a marketing machine.
The LeadFire Difference


Can I customize this program?
Yes. You can customize your web marketing 24/7 with your Online Control Panel. It’s easy to add more information about your practice, upload images and videos, and change the graphic look and feel of your portals.
How long will it take for me to see results?
You may get response right away, but your response rate will increase over time. Your listings on LeadFire’s established national and local directories (which are pre-positioned with the search engines) will show up in search engine results almost immediately. Your customized web portals will gain search engine prominence over time. In any case you only pay when new leads are generated. There’s no setup fee or monthly cost.
What if I have multiple locations?
Our system totally supports practices with multiple locations, allowing up to 5 web portals per location based on the clinical skills of the doctors. Your different locations are included within a single marketing account, and you can manage them all from one online control panel.
How many marketing portals can I have with this program?
The number of marketing portals you have is based on your clinical capabilities and the demographics of your market. Generally, our clients have 3 web portals per office location. Practices with more doctors tend to have more portals.
How will I be billed for these new patient leads?
Your credit card will automatically be billed.
Can I target particular types of new patients with this marketing program?
This marketing solution will automatically target all of the patient types for which you have the clinical skills. You can further focus your marketing by specifying which local geographic areas you would like to target.
Do you charge more for cosmetic, implant, sleep apnea patient leads than for general dental patient leads?
No. LeadFire charges a flat fee for each patient lead, regardless of the type of dentistry they are seeking. We will target all of the patient types you are qualified to treat: cosmetics, implants, braces, sedation, dentures, root canals, gum disease, etc.
About Dental Marketing


What if I already have one or more dental websites for my practice?
LeadFire’s Pay-Per-Lead marketing solution works side-by-side with your other dental marketing efforts. This program in no way affects any other dental practice websites, dental directory listings or other dental marketing campaigns you may have.
How is Pay-Per-Lead marketing different from Pay-Per-Click marketing?
With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing, you are charged for every click on your web ad – often at $5.00 or more per click. This isn’t a new patient lead; it’s just a click for a visitor to your website. Generally, out of 100 clicks, only 2 will turn into leads. With Pay-Per-Lead marketing, you only pay when you receive an actual, verifiable phone call or email from a potential new patient.
Why does Pay-Per-Lead marketing make economic sense?
It all comes down to the return on your investment (ROI). You want to compare your initial investment – here, that’s the cost of a new patient lead – with your ultimate return – in this case, the profit you can see if you convert the lead into a patient. You can use our tool to estimate your own potential ROI on the program with LeadFire’s Pay Per Lead profit estimator.
What is the average value of a new patient?
The average value of a new patient varies, but we’ve found the average new patient to be worth about $1,400 in profit (after the cost of dentistry and marketing) during the first nine months. Your new patient value may be significantly higher or lower depending on the demographics and economy in your market.

Estimate Your Return on Investment

Our easy-to-use Return-on-Investment (ROI) calculator allows you to estimate the potential returns from your LeadFire pay-per-lead dental marketing solution.

First you select your lead cost.

Then you enter the average profit you earn over the first 9 months on an average new patient in your practice. The default is $1,400, which is based on our surveys of patient values from across the country.

Next enter the estimated conversion rate of leads to actual patients in your dental chair. No dental practice converts 100% of their leads to patients. Traditionally, a well-trained front desk team can convert about 80% of the incoming calls and email appointment requests.

Then you estimate the number of new patient leads per month.

We then summarize your estimated return on investment over an entire year. A graph shows you the total estimated ROI.

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